Oh hey! My name is Marco, and I'm a


"A winning idea is the basis of everything. I love minimalist and modern design to communicate fresh ideas."

Marco D'Abramo


Obsessed by simplicity.

My name is Marco D'Abramo, I'm an italian Web, Graphic designer & Illustrator freelance.
I love simple and minimal things, and I'm passionate about graphic and arts since I was a child.


Authentic obsession. It is infinitely more difficult to be simple rather than complicated.


Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.


The content is essential to strengthen the value of the message you want to convey.

Someone published my works! Check it out!

目と鼻がなくても、十分に誰だかわかってしまう「ポートレート」 tabi labo
Da Maradona a Dalì, i ritratti minimali di Marco D’Abramo elita
Rostros minimalistas por Marco D'Abramo tongue
Les han borrado el rostro, pero seguramente sepas quiénes son eslang
Simple and Accurate Illustrated Portraits fubiz


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Marco D'Abramo

Italian illustrator, web & graphic designer.